6 Fascinating Facts About Tennis

6 Fascinating Facts About Tennis
  1. The longest match in tennis history lasted about 11 hours and 5 minutes. French Nicolas Mayu and American John Isner competed in a tough battle. In total, the fight lasted three days. The victory was won by John Isner.
  2. If a tennis player gives in to a fit of anger and breaks the racket, the referees will be fined for this. But many athletes are not discouraged by this fact, for example, the Russian Marat Safin. In the 1999 season, he damaged about 48 rackets.
  3. Australian tennis player Samuel Groth has the fastest serve at almost 263.44 km / h.
  4. Fans of tennis have observed situations when the outcome of the game was changed by ordinary pigeons that flew onto the court in the hope of making a profit. Therefore, there is a hawk on the staff of Wimbledon workers. He periodically flies around the courts to hunt birds.
  5. Until 1972, there were no clear rules regarding the color of tennis balls. In practice, it turned out that bright yellow balls are better visible to the audience.
  6. Russian Anna Kournikova during her sports career has not won any adult professional singles tournament. Poker fans have christened her the Ace and King (AK) combo because she looks attractive but rarely wins.