8 Important Factors To Perform Tennis Match Analysis

8 Important Factors To Perform Tennis Match Analysis

Tennis competitions are held throughout the year, so it is second only to football in terms of the intensity of events. To collect a full-fledged database, you need to know and understand about 8 factors. Let's break them down.

Player rating.

Positions in the rating show the level and quality of the opponents' game.

Player form and tone.

It is impossible to be in good shape all the time, but there are still injuries and other problems that affect the game. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the game in recent tournaments.

The quality of the court surface.

If an athlete plays well on a certain surface, such as clay, he will be a favorite against a higher-rated hard player. You should always find out about the surface on which the tournament is held.

Player motivation.

Such factors can be - the defense of last year's points, an attempt to even out the situation with a series of victories in a tournament with a lower rating, comfortable logistics, and comfortable courts.


The presence of rest is easy to check by the tournaments held. For example, one tennis player prepared for a tournament for a long time, but his opponent did not. It is clear that the first player will have an advantage.

Personal meetings.

Some tennis players may be "captured" by another tennis player, regularly losing the competition. The reason for this may be an uncomfortable style of play or psychology.


The weather interferes the most on dirt and grass surfaces.


When serving, you also need to consider coverage: on the ground, the rebound is slower, and tennis players with a powerful serve to lose their chances of winning.