Boxing Fights. The Five Most Famous Fights Since The End Of Battles

Boxing Fights. The Five Most Famous Fights Since The End Of Battles

It"s no secret that various incidents happen in boxing. Consider, for example, the five most massive fights that took place after the championship fights. It often happens that the results provoke unpredictable reactions in the crowd of fans. But, in some cases, it happens that the situation gets out of control. Then there are fights, injuries, injuries, and even deaths.

Jack Johnson vs. James Jeffries duel. It took place on July 4, 1910. In the 15th round, Johnson managed to knock out James Jeffries, who was previously considered invincible. Jack confirmed the status of the winner in the battle. His victory caused a wave of indignation. Mass riots broke out in America. As a result, 11 people died, and about 700 were injured. In fact, there was a racial riot. When it calmed down, the perpetrators were held accountable. White-skinned America received a significant blow that day.

The second case took place on May 16, 1967. Boxer Dick Tiger had his first fight against Jose Torres to defend his WBC and WBA light heavyweight titles. Dick showed himself much better than his opponent in the first half of the fight. In the 12th round, Jose seized the initiative. He managed to win in the final moments of the battle (duration of the battle: 15 rounds). After the battle, massive clashes began. 11 people were injured. The sudden brawl led to the decision to ban a two-year ban on boxing nights in the main fights of which representatives of Puerto Rico performed. The ban was lifted only in 1970.

On October 6, 1967, Lionel Rose fought his second WBC and WBA lightweight title defense against Chucho Castillo. He defeated Chucho Castillo. Then there was a Mexican delegation at the stadium. A wave of aggression appeared among Castillo"s compatriots. A fight broke out. As a result, some referees and manager Lionel Rose were stabbed. The problem was solved only with the help of regular troops.

On September 27, 1980, Marvin Hagler received the WBC and WBA Middleweight Championship. He fought against Alan Minter. In the 3rd round, the referee stopped the fight due to a serious injury by Alan Minter. The atmosphere at Wembley Stadium was heated to the limit even before the fight. After the fight stopped, the bottles were thrown at Marvin. Then the most massive brawl in the history of boxing began. There were only 20 police officers in the hall at that time, which was clearly not enough. The riots lasted until 3 am. The event was named "A Nightmare at Wembley."

On July 11, 1996, Riddick Bowe won Andrzej Golota due to the latter"s disqualification. The Pole had an advantage in the ring but constantly broke the rules. In round 7, Riddick Bowe was hit in the groin. Representatives of both teams entered the ring. Golota was disqualified. In the mass brawl, 22 people were wounded, and 16 were arrested. Manager Bowe was suspended from office for a period of 1 year, as well as a fine of $ 250,000.

These examples of boxing fights happen due to the weak organization of the security service. The organizers of the matches must be responsible for it. This is especially true for the realities of the 21st century. These examples were the most striking in the history of boxing.