Drone Racing

Drone Racing
Drone racing is a relatively new and exciting sport that has become popular much faster than any other. Athlete pilots fly small and light but powerful drones on tracks with obstacles and obstacles. They fly through the gates and around the flags at speeds of more than a hundred kilometers per hour.

The drones are controlled by a hat, it looks like a VR helmet. Each drone has a camera onboard, so fans of this sport can watch races on the big screen or with a hat. The races are held either outdoors - in large stadiums, or indoors - in old warehouses and sports arenas.

The competition takes a little time, as the flight time of drones is still very limited.

Although the drone race began only a few years ago, international competitions are already taking place around the world. In professional championships, drone owners compete for thousands of dollars in prize money. The World Drone Prix was recently held in Dubai. The 16-year-old Englishman not only won the race but also earned a prize of $ 250,000. The media has already paid attention to drone races. The ESPN sports news channel will broadcast international drone races from August this year.

The races are broadcast on YouTube and other video platforms, where they can be watched again.

The first models of drones that were released in production were heavy and expensive. Nowadays, they are cheaper and easier and many people buy them and pursue their new hobbies. From the very beginning, drones were used for military purposes. Amazon, an international company, sees drones as a means of transporting goods.